With Borussia Düsseldorf, Timo Boll will be in the Liebherr TTBL-Finale for the fifth time in a row on May 26, but is still far from satisfied. Before the clash with TTF Liebherr Ochsenhausen, he keeps an eye on two players in particular.

Timo Boll

Enters the final with a lot of momentum: Timo Boll (Photo: MaJo-Foto)

Timo, you won the silver medal with the German team at the World Championships, your teammates Kristian Karlsson and Anton Källberg the bronze medal with host Sweden. Do these successes give your team an extra boost for the duel with Ochsenhausen?

Timo Boll: You can assume that. Kristian and Anton have played a very good tournament and used the home advantage for a great success. Due to the two finals of the Champions League, however, the WTTC is already somewhat forgotten before the TTBL-Finale.

It is no secret that Ochsenhausen's top players Simon Gauzy and Hugo Calderano do not particularly suit you very well. What is it that makes them such strong players in your oponion?

Boll: They both have good services, a lot of imagination in the returns and are also very punchy and tactically clever in an open rally. I do not particularly like to play against them, but I would still avoid the term bogey opponents. I have already beaten both and I think it will be an open match.

For Düsseldorf and thus also for you personally, another success in the TTBL-Finale would be the fifth championship title in a row. Where do you get the motivation to tackle this goal year after year?

Boll: I have never attached any motivation to titles. Table tennis is just as much fun today as it was at the beginning of my career. As long as this does not change, I'm motivated and stick with it. In case of success, we will not be able to celebrate properly though, because the China Open will begin five days later.

Header photo: BeLa Sportfoto