In the Liebherr TTBL-Finale 2018 on May 26, Simon Gauzy expects an open exchange of the two teams – especially since Borussia Düsseldorf and the TTF Liebherr Ochsenhausen will meet on neutral ground for the first time. In the 23-year-old's opinion, the opponent is also well-positioned behind superstar Timo Boll.

Simon Gauzy

Looking forward to the final: Simon Gauzy (Photo: Roscher)

Simon, at the World Team Championships in Sweden, things didn't go so well for you and the French team. Have you already "digested" the early elimination in the group stage?

Simon Gauzy: The tournament didn't go well obviously. Despite the fact we were all playing not good, we had many circumstances against us. Finishing 4th in the group with three victories isn't seen everyday. Anyway, we were not good and we lost the important match by 0-3. But even if it was tough at the first moment, now it's behind me.

In the semi-finals of the Champions League, you and your team almost beat Düsseldorf, so the self-confidence should be quite good against them. What do you think will be the key to success?

Gauzy: I think they are even more confident than us! They always win in the end … Jokes appart, it will be the first time we meet them in a "neutral" place. Lately we won at home and lost in Düsseldorf. Now it will be in Frankfurt, with no advantage for anyone. This will be interesting. Key will be to play at our best to have a chance. Timo doesn't always win two matches against us, but they have three other very good players behind him. Düsseldorf isn't only Timo Boll.

Other than Düsseldorf, who are playing the Champions League final, you and your team can concentrate entirely on the TTBL-Finale. Do you think this might be an advantage for May 26?

Gauzy: They are used to play the Champions Legue final, so I don't think there will be any advantage for us. It's a final that many people will come to watch between us and Düsseldorf and they want to see a great show. I hope both teams will be at a high level. A great final is all I want to see!

Header photo: Nicolai Schaal