Final Four on January 9 2021
27 NOV 2020
The date for the Final Four is set! TTF Liebherr Ochsenhausen, TTC Schwalbe Bergneustadt, ASV Grünwettersbach and Borussia Düsseldorf are fighting for the trophy in the German table tennis cup on January 9 2021. The semi-finals are starting at 11am (CET), the final at 4pm (CET). All games are hosted live in the stream at Sportdeutschland.TV, the final will be broadcasted by SPORT1 on German television.
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Düsseldorf enters the semi-finals of the German Cup, Bergneustadt and Mühlhausen succeed in TTBL
15 NOV 2020
The round of the semi-finals in the German Table Tennis Cup is complete: Borussia Düsseldorf secured the last spot in the Final Four with a 3-0 win against TTC Bad Hamm. Timo Boll and Co. will encounter the current champion ASV Grünwettersbach in January. TTC Neu-Ulm has meanwhile experienced the first defeat in the current TTBL season. Despite a successful debut of Hao Shuai, the team was defeated with 1-3 by TTC Schwalbe Bergneustadt. Post SV Mühlhausen has achieved a 3-0 win against TTC Zugbrücke Grenzau.
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Grünwettersbach and Ochsenhausen enter the Final Four
23 OCT 2020
ASV Grünwettersbach and TTF Liebherr Ochsenhausen made it to the semi final of the German cup, the Final Four. As 2020's champion, ASV Grünwettersbach, succeeded with 3-0 against TTC OE Bad Homberg on Friday night. Ochsenhausen, the former champion, played it safe as well and achieved a 3-0 win against TTC Fortuna Passau.
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3-1 against Saarbrücken: Bergneustadt enters Final Four
17 OCT 2020
TTC Schwalbe Bergneustadt represents the first team to make it to the Final Four fighting among the four best TTBL teams for the German cup. The team had succeeded against 1. FC Saarbrücken TT with a 3-1 win on Saturday. While Benedikt Duda defeated Darko Jorgic and Shang Kun, Alvaro Robles continued with a win over Shang. Patrick Franziska was the only player scoring for Saarbrücken.
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German Cup quarter finals: Teams of second division will encounter TTBL top teams
05 OCT 2020
Only one win stands between the remaining teams of the German cup and this season's final four. As drawn today in Fulda, 1. FC Saarbrücken TT will encounter TTC Schwalbe Bergneustadt in the quarter finals, while title holder ASV Grünwettersbach will meet TTC OE Bad Homburg. The teams of the second division await their top matches: TTC GW Bad Hamm welcomes Borussia Düsseldorf, and TTC Fortuna Passau has to conquer TTF Liebherr Ochsenhausen.
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