After the first three matches in the Tischtennis Bundesliga (TTBL), TTC indeland Jülich is still waiting for the first points. We talked to Dennis Klein about the newcomer's start into the season – and about his insider tip for the European Championships.


Form Jülich's team 2018/19: Dennis Klein, Martin Allegro and Robin Devos (Foto: Club)

Dennis, a lot of peoply are currently looking to Alicante and the European Championships, while the Tischtennis Bundesliga (TTBL) pauses. But you are not putting your feet up, are you?

Dennis Klein: No, absolutely not. During the European Championships, my training group in Saarbrücken is less busy than usual because many players are in Alicante. For me and the others that is not so bad, because we can work much more intensively with the coaches these days. There are just more eyes on us and we can try a few things. We've been training here for almost two weeks without a break.

With newly promoted TTC indeland Jülich you are still without points in the TTBL after the first three matches, but you were never completely without chance. How do you rate the start of the season?

Klein: It has happened what we said before the season. We all need a good day, and the opponent a worse one. The promoted clubs of recent years have shown that a suprise is always possible, but everything has to fit percectly then. I think Robin (Devos) has done well so far, Martin (Allegro) has played well, too and was only narrowly defeated on several occasions. Personally, things were not going so well, although I have not even played badly. My opponents were just a lot stronger. We have to keep fighting and give everything in every match. This is much more important in the first year than the pure result.

Just a quick look at the European Championships, which you will surely follow closely: Who are your favorites for the title in singles this year?

Klein: Of course, you can always put your bet on Timo (Boll) and Dima (Ovtcharov). I also think Pitchford and Gauzy are dangerous – even though Pitchford now runs towards Timo. However, my insider tip is Patrick Franziska, whom I know well from the Saarbrücken training group. I know that he is in very good shape at the moment, which he has already shown in Alicante.

The next task for Dennis Klein and TTC indeland Jülich is waiting on September 30, when the club a guest of Borussia Düsseldorf.

Header photo: ITTF