There was one disappointed Quadri Aruna after TTBL’s first game day in the new season 2020/2021. The Nigerian player who is currently ranked 20th worldwide experienced a 3-1 defeat against Kilian Ort on Sunday, his new team in total lost the encounter against TSV Bad Königshofen 0-3. We have interviewed Aruna after his TTBL debut.

How did your debut overall feel?

It was a very bad day for the whole team. I feel terrible that I've lost on my debut in the Bundesliga – and of course that we didn't win as a team.

You won the first set against Kilian Ort 11-3, but then you lost 8-11, 7-11 and 9-11. What was the reason you couldn't continue the performance of the first set?

I started very well but in the second set it felt like I've lost focus which had a great impact on the match and actually it cost me the whole match. In addition I was a little bit nervous because it was my first match in the TTBL. But I am of course confident that we will become even stronger.

What percentage of your maximum performance were you already at?

I cannot exactly determine the percentage I was already at but I didn't show the best of me. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to meet the expectations of the club and also my own. It's been several years since I have played in such a strong league, back in France. This is table tennis of the highest level. But I am sure that I will become stronger and improve from match to match until I reach my maximum performance level.

What were you satisfied with in your first match and what left you unsatisfied?

If you loose, there is no such thing as satisfaction. The whole team and the management of the club can't be satisfied after this game. Everyone of us wants to win – and we will only be satisfied again after having achieved a success.

How did you perceive your teammates Ruwen Filus and Fan Bo Meng?

They performed very well but we were completely unlucky. Ruwen was 2-0 up but Bastian Steger came back so strong. It was similar in my game, I also started well, but then I couldn't keep up with my performance and lost the lead. And Fan Bo is still improving, we have to keep that in mind. We are looking forward to a much better performance in our next match!


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Header photo: Quadri Aruna (by ITTF)