TTC OE Bad Homburg will be Gustavo Tsuboi’s fourth episode in the TTBL. We have interviewed the 34 year old Brazilian about his transfer, his new team’s chances in joining the first league as well as his past season with TTC Neu-Ulm.

Gustavo Tsuboi

TTC OE Bad Homburg will be Gustavo Tsuboi’s fourth team in the TTBL. (Photo by BeLa Sportfoto)

Cheers on signing your contract with TTC OE Bad Homburg! Please tell us about the reasons for choosing Bad Homburg and your plans.

Thank you! I am happy to join Bad Homburg. I think it is important to play a strong season to keep improving my level of competence, especially before the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2021. The calendars of the TTBL and the ITTF are very tough during the season, thus I think it is good that I have signed for less matches, so I will have a good balance between matches in the league and international tournaments.

Your new teammates are Nils Hohmeier, Rares Sipos, Lev Katsman and Maksim Grebnev – four youngsters between 18 and 22 years of age. Having your 35th birthday ahead of you, you’re like a father of the team. How can the quartet benefit from your experience and what can you teach them?

Nowadays the young players are different from the past, they start travelling much earlier and the internet is there to spread information instantly. I mean, they get experienced faster and earlier. Of course I have been through much more than them, so I believe I can help them in many ways. And it does not matter if it is going to be at or off the table.

What are your goals for the first season with Bad Homburg?

My goal is just to develop a good game and play at a good level. Then I am able to help the team reaching our objectives.

You are the only player in Bad Homburg’s squad who already has experience in the TTBL. How easy or difficult do you think will it be for Bad Homburg in the first year?

That is quite difficult to say. But since it is the first time of the club in the Bundesliga, we are very motivated and will count on          .

The current season was not optimal for you at TTC Neu-Ulm. What do you think was missing to play a more successful season?

Unfortunately, I missed some opportunities to win matches. Every small detail counts. Anyway, we all can benefit from our mistakes, so I rather turn the page and look forward.

Gustavo Tsuboi

Gustavo Tsuboi has not lived up to his full potential at his time with TTC Neu-Ulm. In his perspective, however, the club has positively developed in its first season. (Photo by BeLa Sportfoto)

How would you describe the development of TTC Neu-Ulm in the debut season in general?

Positive! We reached our goal to stay in the TTBL. Also, the club learned a lot from their first experience with the table tennis sport in general and the Bundesliga in particular.

Due to the corona pandemic, the season ended earlier than expected for TTC Neu-Ulm and therefore for you. Where are you currently staying and how do you do? What does your everyday life look like at the moment?

I am back in Brazil. The situation here is critical at the moment because the first infections happened much later than in Europe. Opportunities to use public spaces are very limited, we have not been able to go to training halls, so I am trying to exercise myself at home doing physical exercises and playing “limited” table tennis as well.

At the Pan America Cup in February, you stood on the podium as silver medallist alongside with Hugo Calderano from TTF Liebherr Ochsenhausen and Kanak Jha from TTC Zugbrücke Grenzau. Fourth place went to Marcelo Aguirre who plays for SV Werder Bremen. The TTBL seems to be a good place for players from North and South America …

Table tennis is culturally not well recognized and valued in North and Latin American countries. On the other side Germany has way more sympathizers of table tennis which attracts sponsors and viewers for the club and league. Players from American continents come to Europe to find their ways to live for the sport and as well from the sport. Besides, we can have a better structure for practice, a professional way to compete and improve our game, and better logistics to participate in international events.


Header photo: Gustavo Tsuboi (by BeLa Sportfoto)